Top Strategies to Succeed In Online Learning in Elementary School

Whether you’ve recently decided to seek a flexible and secure learning environment or your school is temporarily closed, and classes are being held online, you’ll most likely have many questions about how to achieve at Sultan Virtual Academy (SVA).

While this may be a new learning approach for you, you are not alone!

Many of your classmates will be learning how to flourish in an online environment with you, and we at SVA will be there to assist you every step of the way. We’re continuously learning and looking for new ways to improve your online learning experience, just like you. We’ve gathered six ideas to help you be the best online student you can be, remain on track, and realize your full potential.

Here are a few tips for succeeding as an elementary student in an online classroom.

Online Elementary Education

Plan Your Day

Make a timetable for yourself and devote time to your chosen courses. Set up enough time to watch any lessons and finish any tasks. Planning ahead of time is essential for success. You don’t have to work on the same course at the same time every day like you would in regular education. Try varying your routine during the week. Certain classes may be simpler or more challenging to focus on at different times of the day. Make your strategy based on how YOU learn best.

Online Elementary Education

Create a Fun Place to Study

Find a location where you can get into the “school mentality,” one that is free of interruptions and has enough space for you to focus on schoolwork. Have fun designing and personalizing your workspace.

Online Elementary Education

Plan Fun Times and Activities During the Day

When you think of school, the first thing that comes to mind is not pleasant, but why shouldn’t it be? Going virtual does not need you to sit inside all day staring at a screen. On the other hand, online education allows for more time to get up and move between sessions. You won’t have to miss catching up with a buddy or going on your favorite mid-day bike ride if you have the power and freedom to organize your day. You can take as many breaks as you like during the day as long as you prepare ahead of time and make sure you have enough time for your schoolwork. These are activities that you might not be able to perform during the school day, and they may make you feel happier and healthier. As a result, you’ll find it easier to learn new things. Take advantage of your newfound freedom and flexibility!

Online Elementary Education

Ask For Help

This tip may seem obvious, but change can be intimidating and cause you to feel uncertain. You are not alone, and virtual does not mean isolation. SVA employs the best teachers and support staff that all have one goal: keeping you, the student, at the center of everything we do. Our teachers know that you’re new, and many of your classmates are in the same boat as you, so no question is a stupid question. We mean it!

Online Elementary Education

Find out More about the Sultan Virtual Academy

The Sultan Virtual Academy (SVA) is a self-paced program that has been created to support Arizona families that would like to remain remote for the 2021-22 school year.  SVA utilizes Edmentum and Calvert Learning courseware to provide full curriculum and enrichment opportunities for grades K-12.  This program allows students to work independently at their own pace while staying connected to a certified teacher through weekly class meetings.  Contact us today to find out more about our school and how it could impact your K12 students.

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