Five Facts About Online College That Every High School Senior Should Know

Distance schooling is quite popular and it’s getting bigger! Contrary to popular belief, online higher education is not confined to a specific sort of student. Students from many walks of life use distance education in nearly every subject of study. Because of its rapid expansion, universities and colleges increasingly focus on remote education and investing resources in online education presentation and development. This implies that students enrolled in small education receive education and training adapted to the demands and characteristics of the online learning environment and community.

Five Facts About Online College

Fact 1: Online Learning is HUGE!

According to the most current National Center for Education Statistics data, almost 6.9 million college and university students in America, or nearly 35 percent, are engaged in some kind of distance education in 2019.

  • As of 2018, 34.5 percent of undergraduates were enrolled in distance education.
  • The rapid growth of online learning is supported by just 16% of undergraduates who participated in distance education between 2003 and 2004.
  • Graduate school has the most significant rate of online study engagement. For the 2018 academic year, 39.8 percent of graduate students participated in some type of distant learning.
  • Distance education was used by 73 percent of students enrolled in private, for-profit universities in 2018, 34.1 percent of students enrolled in public institutions the same year, and 30.4 percent of students enrolled in private non-profit schools.
Five Facts About Online College

Fact 2: Subjects of Study are Wide Open in Online Learning

Online universities provide a far broader choice of programs than you would anticipate. Students like you are making excellent use of these fantastic learning opportunities. Suppose a person believes that online college learning simply provides a small number of courses in a few fundamental fields of study. In that case, they will be surprised by the large and rising number of online courses, certificates, and degree possibilities. Distance learners may now access hundreds, if not thousands, of online college courses in various areas. Distance education may meet almost every educational requirement, from business to computer science, engineering, health, and sciences, to technical and vocational training.

Here is a sampling of the wide range of subjects that can be studied successfully online:

Undergraduate fields of study:

  • Computer Science and Information
  • Business and Management
  • Education
  • Health
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Life Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Vocation and Technical Training
  • Physical Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Other

Graduate fields of study:

  • Education
  • Business and Management
  • Social and Behavior Sciences
  • Health


  • Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science
  • Life and Physical Sciences
  • Law
  • Other
Five Facts About Online College

Fact 3: Online Learners have much more control over their school/life balance

Because of the freedom and flexibility that online education provides, studies show that students enrolled in online courses and degree programs range from part-time students seeking to complete a degree to students seeking to advance their careers through more training and education to full-time students seeking to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Here are some examples of how students have more control of their school life balance:

Undergraduate Students

  • 8% of enrolled students are full-time.
  • Part-time students account for 35.5% of all pupils.
  • 35% of students mix full-time and part-time.

Graduate Students:

  • 7% of students are full-time.
  • Part-time employment accounts for 41% of all jobs.
  • 9% of students mix full-time and part-time.
Five Facts About Online College

Fact 4: Financial Aid is Available for Online College Students

The National Center for Education Statistics defines distance education as “any online class or degree program performed wholly online” [source]. Many online schools and degree programs participate in the Federal Financial Aid program, allowing distance learning students to obtain federal loans and grants the same way that on-campus colleges and universities do. Whether you are searching for financial help, be sure to check your school’s financial aid website to see if they participate. More information about financial assistance may be found on this page.

Five Facts About Online College

Fact 5: Online College Allows Many Who Otherwise Could Not Attend College To Attend College

A college education via distant education is now a global option because of improvements in technology and communication. With the development of online education, students from nations other than the United States may now get advanced training and achieve college degrees without leaving their home countries. Online education is increasing in impoverished nations, promising to improve their economic and social situations.

The 2016 Distance Education: Statewide, Institutional, and International Applications report provide extensive evidence on the fast rise of foreign involvement in US-based and non-American online schools and universities by international students worldwide.

Five Facts About Online College

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