What is vocational education?

The Future for Trades Is Bright

So, what is vocational education?

In short, vocational education provides an option for students who do not want to attend a college or a university to in fact learn skills to help them find a successful career. It’s a path specifically coordinated to distinct occupational requirements. It is moreover, a valued and essential part of any educational system.

Colleges or universities offer a broader education structure so that students have an education that can be applied to a wider variety of professions within their field of study. Even so, often students will have to take courses that may not relate to the profession or career they would like to have. With this in mind, vocational education provides the specific skills and knowledge needed to carry out a chosen career.

Students can choose vocational education in various settings, including virtual schools, apprenticeships, or dedicated vocational schools. Some colleges and universities are beginning to integrate vocational education as an option.

Vocational Training is Bright for Culinary Arts

Opportunities Presented from Vocational Education


The importance of educating students on practical skills and education in their chosen path is invaluable. Students study for hours, learning what they need to succeed in their careers through hands-on instruction. When employers hire, they find value in hiring people who know the basics and can adapt and learn quickly. Immediate hiring upon graduation is a benefit because vocational schools provide more occupational exposure. Students graduate with most of the training needed. They make it easier to onboard a freshly graduated vocational school graduate into their new career. 

Advantages and disadvantages of vocational education

Students should consider the pros and cons of any educational training. Is vocational learning the right fit? Academic or vocational education can provide the proper training needed for students to succeed in their future careers. The path looks a little different for each.


  • Vocational education focuses on helping students develop practical skills that students need for the workplace.
  • Educators in vocational programs are industry professional and leaders and gives students a chance to learn from experienced professionals.
  • Flexible learning paths are available for students, such as online learning, night or weekend classes. The options make it possible for students to study and balance other obligations in their lives.
  • Attending a vocational program is a more cost-effective choice. Students graduate much quicker than traditional college students. Students will be able to join the workforce quickly.


  • If students wanting to explore other subjects, they would not be able to within a vocational education program as the classes offered are strictly related to that field of work.
  • Some vocation programs don’t offer supplemental education into additional skills such as accounting or math.
  • Depending on the field of study, vocational schools can be more competitive and harder to get into.

Overall vocational education is beneficial in saving students money and providing valuable skills to land them a career in a high-paying field.

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The Sultan Virtual Academy (SVA) is a self-paced program that has been created to support Arizona families that would like to remain remote for the 2021-22 school year. SVA utilizes Edmentum and Calvert Learning courseware to provide full curriculum and enrichment opportunities for grades K-12. This program allows students to work independently at their own pace while staying connected to a certified teacher through weekly class meetings. SVA offers full integration with the Mountain Institute Career and Technical Education (MICTED) program or in the Valley Academy for Career and Technology Education (VACTE) for high school students who are interested in vocational training. Contact us today to find out more about our school and how it could impact your K12 students.


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