Ubiquitous Learning what is it?

Interactive U-Learning

What exactly is ubiquitous learning?

For the most part, technology has been an essential component of how we learn today. In fact, ubiquitous learning or e-learning is how people learn through computers, portable devices, and advanced technology. Ubiquitous learning also helps people evolve by providing the ability to learn on-demand in an online learning classroom.

What makes ubiquitous learning unique and stand apart from electronic learning (e-learning) or mobile learning (m-learning) is that you can access education anytime and anywhere on any subject. For more context, mobile learning is a term that describes learning through mobile devices, specifically smartphones, tablets, laptops, and digital notebooks. In short, any device that can come with you. Furthermore, e-learning is a structured way of learning a specific course delivered through classroom material. E-learning is a program that involves pre-recorded content such as lectures, quizzes, activities, and more but is very straight and to the point.


Characteristics of Ubiquitous Learning

U-learning makes it possible to adapt to every individual’s learning needs and circumstances. Students can likewise create learning processes that are less structured. Because u-learning is incredibly flexible and adaptable. Locale and schedules don’t limit students. There are six main characteristics of ubiquitous learning.

Permanency: Coursework and material is not deleted unless requested. All learning processes are recorded every day and are easily accessible.

Accessibility: Students can access documents, data, or videos thanks to the permanency of u-learning.

Immediacy: Information is easily accessed and available at any time. This allows students to learn and solve problems quickly.

Interactivity: Students have access to peers, teachers, and anyone in their educational network through classroom settings. Or, people may be present at the same time (synchronous) or recorded videos or lectures (asynchronous).

Situating of instructional activities: Students relate easily to real-world situations.

Adaptability: Students can get information at any time right away, and the material and technology are easily adaptable to any changes in a student’s life.


Advantages and disadvantages of ubiquitous learning

Technology is essential in everyday life, and it is becoming more common in a learning environment. There are many advantages to integrating u-learning into a student’s life, and it’s essential to consider any disadvantages.


The most significant advantage is that you can learn anywhere at any time. You do not need to be in a structured setting. Learn from any location.

The flexibility of u-learning allows you to learn based on your needs and your living conditions.

It can be as interactive as you need it to be, allowing you to constantly interact with others. When you may need help or to review videos or recorded lectures.



While you do not need a lot of resources to learn, you do need to have access to portable devices and a solid internet connection.

Using technology to learn requires you to have a skillset and knowledge of using the devices needed for u-learning.

Some students do better in a face-to-face learning setting, which is not ideal for this.

Ubiquitous learning is a positive way to enhance a student’s learning. It is evolving as technology evolves in a virtual school. There is no denying the benefits of the flexibility and freedom to learn from anywhere and receive support whenever needed.

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