Checklist for Writing Assignments

Necessities for Effective Writing Tasks

Introduction to Writing Assignments

Written assignments are essential, especially in the online learning environment. Consequently, excellent writing assignments can help students learn effective organizing, critical thinking, and literary comprehension. They learn the importance of structure, style, grammar, and elaboration. Young writers learn how to convey their points clearly and concisely. In addition, these skills are essential for students to feel confident as they navigate their education throughout their life.

Written Assignment Guidelines

Providing students with the best guidelines can ensure their success. Students, in fact, turn to their educators to reassure them that they are staying on task and to look for direction. With remote learning, it requires communication throughout the written assignment. Teachers should guide students to progress on their own and inspire independence by providing a detailed outline of expectations of each writing assignment.

This checklist provides your students with clear expectations and guidelines. Students should use this list before turning in their writing assignments. A checklist should be provided with every written assignment when working through online learning.

Does your writing cover all aspects of the assignment that the teacher provided?
  • In short, be sure to review your text against the requirements to ensure all points have been addressed.
Have you reviewed your assignment for spelling, grammar, and clarity?
  • Your paper should be clear in the points you are trying to make. The reader should not have to navigate misspellings or missed punction leading to things such as run-on sentences.
Is your writing free of first-person pronouns and written in a clear academic voice?
  • Most academic papers should use the third person point of view to identify people by proper nouns and using pronouns he/she/they.
Have your read your paper out loud?
  • Reading aloud can help you catch awkward phrases or mistakes and allow you to define your voice. Ensure your writing conveys your points. You should read your paper out loud before submitting it.

Did you include all references and citations that you used to develop your paper? .

  • In academic writing, references and citations provide the educator with the scope and depth of your research. This is also important for referencing other people’s work to avoid plagiarism.
Have you had a peer proofread your assignment for clarity?
  • Have a second person read your paper. They may in fact help catch any grammar or spelling errors you may have missed and clearly articulate your ideas.
Did you write your paper in the academic voice?
  • Writing in an academic voice is writing with authority and avoiding informal language. Is your paper more aligned with your opinions than proven facts?
Did you turn in your writing assignments on time?
  • Ensure your papers are turned in by the expected due date to avoid losing points for your assignment.

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