Students and teachers alike were largely unprepared when everyone was thrown into a remote learning experience during the early stages of the pandemic. Teachers quickly had to learn each students’ strengths and weaknesses and worked hard together to overcome them. For some students, schooling suddenly became easier. The kids who were generally more distracted, bored, or anxious in a classroom environment were thriving in a remote setting. Remote learning opened parents’ and educators’ eyes to the benefits of a remote learning experience. It opened the door to the possibility of future hybrid learning.

The Benefits of Remote Learning

Let’s face it, learning is not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to how individuals learn. There are teaching methods that work better for some while others struggle. Remote learning can bring up many emotions and educational debates between parents, teachers, and administrators. While there can be some negative impacts of remote learning, there are some key reasons why it is beneficial for some kids. Remote learning should be considered for the future of our education system.

Time Management

#1 Time Management

The freedom for children to manage their own time and can play a crucial role in their successes. Children like to feel in control, and online learning allows them to plan out their schedules.  They can focus on schoolwork on their own terms. Kids feel rewarded with more free time when they need it.  That means more time playing video games, watching movies, or going outside.

Distraction-Free Environments

#2 Distraction-Free Environments

Some children thrive in a classroom environment where the teacher is engaged, and the learning is participation-based. Some do better when the distractions are minimized, and they are provided with a quiet space where they can settle in and focus on learning.

Breaks as Needed

#3 Breaks as Needed

Children are often required to sit in lessons for long periods of time, making them become antsy or begin to lose interest. The ability to have the freedom to take breaks as needed without disrupting the classroom or missing any critical items in the lesson allows children to stretch or take a quick break outside. They then come back refreshed and focus on the work of the day.

Less Stressful

#4 Less Stressful

The structure of online learning has the benefits of kids taking control of their schedules, leaving teachers to be more flexible. Kids who learn in a remote environment feel less academic pressure as they can set their schedules and modify their environment to their liking.

Improved Communication Skills

#5 Improved Communication Skills

Social anxiety can be hard on a kid, and communicating with your peers can be a challenge to some. An online learning environment provides kids a platform to reach out to peers effortlessly through chat platforms approved by the school. They can quickly and easily ask questions and engage with others about assignments.

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